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Mother Daughter Luncheon


Mother/Daughter Luncheon scheduled for March (woman's month) is design to offer an opportunity for women to get together and share a common bond as women.

Instructions/Things Needed:

Send letters home to the mothers/guardian of all the female residents on campus, Schedule a date and time. Pick a location (ballroom on campus), contact foor service for a menu (something lite - luncheon)

For the program: Guest speaker, poetry reading/short stories, entertainment (singers, dancers).

Other tasks: Decorate the room. Have centerpieces on the table (raffled them off at the end by placing a sticker under one chair at each table), Have corsages for the residents and mothers/guests and a give away (glass, candle some keepsake)

Other Considerations:

Include the residents in the program (singers, dancers, readers, registrastion the mother/daughters).

Invite female staff, University Officials.

Janett K. Matthews
School: William Paterson University
email: Ladyjkm@yahoo.com

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